OMA LightweightM2M (LwM2M) Object and Resource Registry

OMNA can provide you with a unique Object or/and Resource Identifier: (Object ID) or (ResourceID).

To register a new (Object ID) or (Resource ID). Your submission will be redirected to GitHub Issues in lwm2m-registry.

OMA has developed an editor for creating LwM2M Objects & Resources.

The official publication of OMA LwM2M Objects and Resources is this page. However, the registration process is done via GitHub at: lwm2m-registry. IPSO Working Group, will review your registration. You can interact with this group via lwm2m-registry Issues.

The Vorto Project is an Eclipse Foundation open source initiative that aims to help compile and manage abstract device descriptions (information models). The scope includes:

OMA SpecWorks IPSO Vorto models

ObjectID Classes

Category URN Object ID range Description Operations



0 - 1023 Objects Produced by OMA. Only OMA can use this range.
0-499 DM&SE Working Group
500-1023 IPSO Working Group
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1024 - 2047 Reserved for future use -- --



2048 - 10240 Objects registered by 3rd party standards organisations or alliances View Register



10241 - 26240
26241 - 32768
32769 - 42768
Objects registered by companies or individuals.
Objects Produced by Vendors to re-use
Block of objects reserved by vendors (Max 50). Private range, Objects will not be published
Note: Final allocation of objectIDs will be done by OMNA Staff

ResourceID Classes

Category Resource ID Range Description Operations

Common Resources

0 - 2047 Common resource defined inside Objects. Inside of an Object the resourceIDs must be unique but it can be reused in different Objects. -- --

Reusable Resources

2048 - 26240 Resources registered by companies, standards organisations or alliances. Note: ResourceID is finally allocated by OMNA Staff. Private registrations are not allowed
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Private Resources

26241 - 32768 Private resource range, no registration is necessary and open to re-use. -- --

LwM2M Objects

oma-label Objects Produced by OMA

URN: urn:oma:lwm2m:oma:ObjectID:version | range (0 - 1,023)

URN / Version XML Name LwM2M Editor Object Name Technical Specification Description
Objects in the above table (oma-label) are only registered by OMA Working Groups via an internal registration process, called OMNA.

ext-label Objects Produced by 3rd party Standards Development Organizations

URN: urn:oma:lwm2m:ext:ObjectID:version | range (2,048 - 10,240)

URN / Version XML Name
LwM2M Editor Object Name Technical Specification Owner Description
Note: ext-label Object ID Range 3500 to 3599 reserved
Register a new Object produced by a 3rd party SDO (Standards Development Organization).

x-label Objects Produced by vendors or individuals

URN: urn:oma:lwm2m:x:ObjectID:version | ranges (10,241 - 26,240) & (26,241 - 32,768)

10241 - 26240 Range accepts registration

26241 - 32768 Range is privately reused and there is no need for registration

URN / Version XML Name LwM2M Editor Object Name Technical Specification Company Description - Objects Produced by Vendors
Click here to register Objects Produced by vendors or individuals between ranges 10241 - 26240

x-label Bulk Objects Reserved by Vendors

32769 - 42768 This range is used for company bulk reservation (up to 50 ObjectIDs). This range is to create private objects that are not registered here.

To Reserve bulk objects
Object ID Company

LwM2M Resources

Reusable Resources

range: (2048 - 26240)

Note: The value of attributes marked (*) CANNOT be changed when the Reusable Resource is defined inside of an Object.

ResourceID* Name/Technical Spec*
Operation* Type* Range/Enumeration* Units* Submitter Description
Register a new Resource produced by 3rd parties.