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Presence and Availability Working Group

The Presence and Availability Working Group has the goals of specifying the service enablers to permit the deployment of interoperable mobile presence and availability services. 'Presence and availability services' enable applications to exchange dynamic information (e.g. status, location, and capabilities) about resources (e.g. users and devices). NOTE: 'Presence Services' and 'Presence and Availability Services' can be used interchangeably to refer to these services. Presence and availability services are expected to be widely utilized by other OMA service enablers. This is a major rationale for creating a separate working group within OMA to further technical specifications for this service enabler.

The specifications created by the Working Group are utilized by the mobile industry including the operators, vendors and users. The Working Group is expected to specify the OMA service enablers for presence and availability. These specifications will be created to be network agnostic, such that they are useful in a variety of network environments. Additionally, the Working Group activities are expected to coordinate work with the OMA IOP Working Group in order to assure the timely development of enabler test specifications and possible test events.

  • To view the complete charter click here.

For more information on the OMA Presence and Availability Working Group please contact  Technical Comments.