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OMA Content Management Interface V1.0

CMI is an interface between Content Provider(s) and Service Provider(s), which does not directly involve the end user. The scope of the standard covers the entire off-deck content management lifecycle but does not include implementation or behavior beyond the API.
CMI provides an API only and does not define any service. It is designed as a generic interface that can be reused and extended by any content-related service such as the service enabled by OMA Customized Multimedia Ringing (CMR).

Functionalities covered in Version 1.0 include content management, purchase operation and reporting mechanisms:

  • Content Management: Relates to upload of content with its associated metadata for processing and ingestion by the Service Provider's systems (e.g. perform sanity checks, media transcoding and distribution of content to mirror sites), and manage existing content (update its attributes, etc.).
  • Purchase Functionality: Allows the Content Provider to notify the Service Provider that a particular user (or group of users) purchased particular content, so that the Service Provider can complete the sales transaction by allowing the user to consume the content through their offered service. This functionality realizes the off-deck content acquisition model. The content provider can also use this functionality to mark some content for (temporary or permanent) removal from the Service Provider's systems.
  • Reporting Mechanisms: Allow the Service Provider to send statistics and other reports back to the Content Provider, such as information about content usage, rating or defective content
The scope of CMI also addresses management functionality, which allows control of policies and Service Level Agreement between Content Provider and Service Provider. In version 1.0 this functionality is captured only at the architecture level, and specific technical details of this functionality are left for future version.

OMA Content Management Interface V1.0 - Status: Approved- Release Date: 2011-07-05
Release Package OMA-ERP-CMI-V1_0-20110705-A.zip
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for Content Management Interface  OMA-ERELD-CMI-V1_0-20110705-A.pdf
REQ Doc Content Management Interface Requirements OMA-RD-CMI-V1_0-20110705-A.pdf
Arch Doc Content Management Interface Architecture OMA-AD-CMI-V1_0-20110705-A.pdf
Specification Content Management Interface OMA-TS-CMI-V1_0-20110705-A.pdf
Schemas Schema for Content Management Interface OMA-SUP-XSD_cmi_package-V1_0-20110705-A.txt
ETR Enabler Tests Requirements for Content Management Interface OMA-ETR-CMI-V1_0-20110705-A.pdf

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