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OMA Mobile Spam Reporting (SpamRep) V1.0

The SpamRep 1.0 enabler defines a protocol/interface and message format for forwarding user-identified spam messages to a network collection point. The user's device will be provisioned with the address of the report collection node in the operator's network, but how this provisioning is done is outside the scope of the enabler. The mechanisms used to initiate a Spam Report and the actions taken by the operator's systems based on the Spam Reports are also outside the scope of the enabler.

OMA Mobile Spam Reporting (SpamRep) V1.0 - Status: Approved Enabler  - Release Date: 2012-06-19
Enabler Package OMA-ERP-SpamRep-V1_0-20120619-A.zip
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for Mobile Spam Reporting OMA-ERELD-SpamRep-V1_0-20120619-A.pdf
REQ Doc Mobile Spam Reporting Requirements OMA-RD-SpamRep-V1_0-20120619-A.pdf
ARCH Doc Mobile Spam Reporting Architecture OMA-AD-SpamRep-V1_0-20120619-A.pdf
Specification Mobile Spam Reporting Technical Specification OMA-TS-SpamRep-V1_0-20120619-A.pdf
SUP SpamRep related messages/formats OMA-SUP-XSD_spam_rep-V1_0-20120619-A.xsd

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