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OMA SyncML Common Specification V1.1.2

The Open Mobile Alliance SyncML Common V1.2 specifications are based on the OMA SyncML Common V1.1.2 specifications with the addition of previous requirements and change requests identified in the SyncML Initiative..

The OMA SyncML Common Specifications include documents which define the binding requirements for communicating SyncML over various transports. Although SyncML is transport independent, a set of common bindings is defined to encourage interoperability.

OMA SyncML Common Specification V1.1.2 - Status: Approved Enabler - Release date: 2004-07-11
Enabler PackageOMA-SyncML-Common-V1_1_2-20040711.zip
ERELDEnabler Release Definition for SyncML Common SpecificationOMA-ERELD-SyncML-Common-1.1.2-20040711-A.pdf

SyncML HTTP Binding OMA-SyncML-HTTPBinding-V1_1_2-20030612-A.pdf
SyncML Meta Information OMA-SyncML-MetaInfo-V1_1_2-20030612-A.pdf
SyncML OBEX Binding OMA-SyncML-OBEXBinding-V1_1_2-20030612-A.pdf
SyncML Representation Protocol OMA-SyncML-RepPro-V1_1_2-20040711-A.pdf
SyncML WSP Binding OMA-SyncML-WSPBinding-V1_1_2-20030612-A.pdf

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