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OMA Browsing V2.3

OMA Browsing V2.3 Enabler provides browsing capability for mobile and wireless handheld devices and any necessary or optional upporting network services which may be provided on a gateway or proxy. OMA Browsing V2.3 uses much of the internet technology used in today's PC Browsers to access content on the WorldWide Web (WWW) but limits the specified profiles of this technology to that appropriate to the constrained resources and user interface of mobile and wireless handheld devices, e.g. reduced memory, processing power, communications bandwidth, display and user input capabilities, including some extensions to improve the user experience.

The suite of specifications defining OMA Browsing V2.3 defines the application-level protocols, semantics, syntax, content formats, user agent behaviour, and the use of hypermedia transfer protocols required to achieve consistent function and interoperability of services.

OMA Browsing V2.3 - Status: Approved Enabler - Release date: 2008-03-31
Enabler Package OMA-ERP-Browsing-V2_3-20080331-A.zip 
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for Browsing OMA-ERELD-Browsing-V2_3-20080331-A.pdf
Arch Doc WAP Architecture OMA-AD-WAP_210_WAPArch-20010712-A.pdf
Req Doc Browsing Enhancements Phase One Requirements Version 1.0 OMA-RD-BrowsingEnhancementsOne-V1_0-20080331-A.pdf
Browser Interoperability Requirements OMA-RD-BrowserInteroperability-V1_0-20080331-A.pdf
Specifications HTTP State Management OMA-TS-HTTPSM-V1_1-20080331-A.pdf
User Agent Caching Model OMA-TS-UACACHE-V1_1-20080331-A.pdf
XHTML Mobile Profile OMA-TS-XHTMLMP-V1_2-20080331-A.pdf
ECMAScript Mobile Profile A Wireless Markup Scripting Language OMA-WAP-ESMP-V1_0-20061020-A.pdf
WAP Pictogram Specification OMA-WAP-TS-Pictogram-V1_1-20061020-A.pdf
Wireless Application Environment Specification OMA-WAP-TS-WAESpec-V2_3-20080331-A.pdf
Wireless CSS Specification OMA-WAP-WCSS-V1_1-20061020-A.pdf
WMLScript Crypto Library WAP-161-WMLScriptCrypto-20010620-a.pdf
Specification Information Note 102 for Wireless Application Protocol - Wireless Markup Language Specification WAP-191_102-WML-20001213-a.pdf
Specification Information Note 104 for Wireless Markup Language Specification WAP-191_104-WML-20010718-a.pdf
Specification Information Note 105 for Wireless Application Protocol - Wireless Markup Language Specification WAP-191_105-WML-20020212-a.pdf
Wireless Application Protocol Wirelesss Markup Language Specification Version 1.3 WAP-191-WML-20000219-a.pdf
Binary XML Content Format Specification WAP-192-WBXML-20010725-a.pdf
Specification Information Note for Wireless Application Protocol WAP-193-WMLS-20001025- WMLScript Specification WAP-193_101-WMLScript-20010928-a.pdf
WMLScript Specification Wireless Application Protocol WAP-193-WMLScript-20001025-a.pdf
Specification Information Note for Wireless Application Protocol WAP-194-WMLSL-20000925-a - WMLScript Standard Libraries Specification WAP-194_103-WMLScriptLibraries-20020318-a.pdf
WMLScript Standard Libraries Specification WAP-194-WMLScriptLibraries-20000925-a.pdf
Wireless Application Environment Defined Media Type Specification WAP-237-WAEMT-20010515-a.pdf
Wireless Markup Language Version 2.0 WAP-238-WML-20010911-a.pdf

Support files
DTD OMA-SUP-DTD_wml13-V1_3-20061020-A.txt
DTD OMA-SUP-DTD_wml20-flat-V2_0-20061020-A.txt
DTD OMA-SUP-DTD_wml20-V2_0-20061020-A.txt
DTD OMA-SUP-DTD_xhtml_mobile12-V1_2-20080331-A.txt
MOD OMA-SUP-MOD_wml-deprecated-1-V2_0-20061020-A.txt
MOD OMA-SUP-MOD_wml-framework-1-V2_0-20061020-A.txt
MOD OMA-SUP-MOD_wml-qname-1-V2_0-20061020-A.txt
MOD OMA-SUP-MOD_wml-special-1-V2_0-20061020-A.txt
MOD OMA-SUP-MOD_xhtml_mobile12_form-V1_2-20080331-A.txt
MOD OMA-SUP-MOD_xhtml_mobile12_model_1-V1_2-20080331-A.txt

OMA Browsing V2.3 - Enabler Test Specifications and Validation Plans
Test Specifications Description Document Reference

ETS for ESMP V1.0 OMA-ETS-ESMP-V1_0-20080331-C
ETS for ESMP V1.0 Test Code OMA-ETS-ESMP_Test_Code-V1_0-20071009-C
ETS for WAE V2.3 OMA-ETS-WAE-V2_3-20060509-C
ETS for WCSS V1.1 OMA-ETS-WCSS-V1_1-20081010-C
ETS for WCSS V1.1 Test Code OMA-ETS-WCSS_Test_Code-V1_1-20081010-C
ETS for XHTML Mobile Profile Conformance V1.2
UPDATED 2011-06-07
ETS for XHTML Mobile Profile V1.2 Test Suites OMA-ETS-XHTML_MP_Test_Suites-V1_2-20080128-C
EVP EVP for Browsing V2.3 OMA-EVP-Browsing-V2_3-20090213-A
TFP TFP for XHTML Mobile Profile V1.2 OMA-TFP-XHTML_MP-V1_2-20110114-C

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