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OMA Converged Address Book V1.0

The CAB is an evolution of the address book is expected to serve as a launch pad for similarly evolving services dependent upon contact information. In addition to traditional telecommunication features, the CAB will support new services on all-IP based networks featuring many innovative and flexible activities such as those which are emerging to facilitate peer-to-peer and community communications. As the CAB includes features that are not local to user devices, such as network storage and publication and subscription support, the need for interoperable functionality has established the need for the enabler.

The CAB Enabler will include the following:

  • An extensible CAB data structure ensuring that it shall be able to incorporate data fields from existing formats (e.g., vCard specifications supported in today's devices)
    • Definition and organization of information related to contacts
    • Integration of other information to contact information like bookmarks
  • Features which allow access from different networks and services
  • Support for a user to provide his own up-to-date contact information to others, to populate their respective address book
  • Provide access and synchronization for various devices registered by the same user across IP networks.
  •  framework that allows interworking with available network based address book(s) provided by (for example) messaging and email services. This framework is expected to use standard data formats.
  • Provide different views of CAB content depending on the context and/or the device.
OMA Converged Address Book V1.0 - Status: Approved - Release Date: 2012-11-13
Enabler Package OMA-ERP-CAB-V1_0-20121113-A.zip
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for Converged Address Book OMA-ERELD-CAB-V1_0-20121113-A.pdf
REQ Doc Converged Address Book Requirements OMA-RD-CAB-V1_0-20121113-A.pdf
ARCH Doc Converged Address Book Architecture OMA-AD-CAB-V1_0-20121113-A.pdf
Specifications Converged Address Book Specification OMA-TS-CAB-V1_0-20121113-A.pdf
Converged Address Book XDM Specification OMA-TS-CAB_XDMS-V1_0-20121113-A.pdf

Converged Address Book Management Object OMA-TS-CAB_MO-V1_0-20121113-A.pdf
OMA CAB parameters Management Object OMA-SUP-MO_oma_cab-V1_0-20121113-A.ddf
CAB Address Book document OMA-SUP-XSD_cab_address_book-V1_0-20121113-A.xsd
CAB Feature Handler document OMA-SUP-XSD_cab_feature_handler-V1_0-20121113-A.xsd
CAB Personal Contact Card document OMA-SUP-XSD_cab_pcc-V1_0-20121113-A.xsd
CAB Search Document extension for External Directories OMA-SUP-XSD_cab_search_external_directories-V1_0-20121113-A.xsd
CAB User Prefences document OMA-SUP-XSD_cab_user_preferences-V1_0-20121113-A.xsd

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