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OMA Device Management V1.2

Device management is the generic term used for technology that allows third parties to carry out the difficult procedures of configuring mobile devices on behalf of the end user (customer). Third parties would typically be wireless operators, service providers or corporate information management departments. Through device management, an external party can remotely set parameters, conduct troubleshooting servicing of terminals, install or upgrade software.

OMA Device Management V1.2.1 - Status: Approved Enabler- Release Date: 2008-06-17
Enabler Package OMA-ERP-DM-V1_2_1-20080617-A.zip
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for OMA Device Management OMA-ERELD-DM-V1_2_1-20080617-A.pdf
Req Doc Device Management Requirements OMA-RD-DM-V1_2-20070209-A.pdf

Device Management Bootstrap OMA-TS-DM_Bootstrap-V1_2_1-20080617-A.pdf
Device Management Notification Initiated SessionNotification Initiated Session OMA-TS-DM_Notification-V1_2_1-20080617-A.pdf
Device Management Protocol OMA-TS-DM_Protocol-V1_2_1-20080617-A.pdf
Device Management Representation Protocol OMA-TS-DM_RepPro-V1_2_1-20080617-A.pdf
Device Management Security OMA-TS-DM_Security-V1_2_1-20080617-A.pdf
Device Management Standardized Objects OMA-TS-DM_StdObj-V1_2_1-20080617-A.pdf
Device Management Tree and Description Serialization OMA-TS-DM_TNDS-V1_2-20070209-A.pdf
Device Management Tree and Description OMA-TS-DM_TND-V1_2_1-20080617-A.pdf
DTD DM Device Description Framework (OMA-DMDDF) OMA-SUP-dtd_dm_ddf-V1_2-20070209-A.dtd

Support Files
Application Characteristic for OMA Device Management OMA-SUP-ac_w7_dm-V1_0_1-20080617-A.txt
Device Management detail information management object OMA-SUP-MO_DM_DevDetail-V1_2-20070209-A.txt
Description of the Device Management information management object OMA-SUP-MO_DM_DevInfo-V1_2-20070209-A.txt
Device Management Account management object OMA-SUP-MO_DM_DMAcc-V1_2-20070209-A.txt

OMA Device Management V1.2.1 - Enabler Test Specifications and Validation Plans
Test Specification Description Document Reference
ETS ETS for DM V1.2
UPDATED 2011-01-28
ETS for DM Interoperability V1.2 OMA-ETS-DM_INT-V1_2-20060524-C

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