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OMA Digital Rights Management V2.1.2

OMA DRM v2.1 has been developed as a result of market feedback. The main differences between OMA DRM v2.0 and OMA DRM v2.1 are the addition of several features on top of OMA DRM v2.0, including:

  • Metering, primarily intended for information gathering. By means of metering, actual content usage information can be provided to Rights Issuers, thereby enabling royalty collection based on actual usage of content.
  • Content differentiation, defining a mechanism to control how content can be consumed. For example, this mechanism can prevent that a music track is used as ringtone.
  • RO installation confirmation.
  • Additional metadata, such as artist, title and genre
  • Support for user editable metadata, in addition to content issuer defined metadata.
  • A binary format for ROAP triggers to improve communication efficiency.
  • New domain property (noConsumeAfter) to simplify 'temporary sharing' business models
  • RO upload functionality to enable users to upload Rights from their old device to a Rights Issuer so that these Rights can be downloaded to their new device.
  • Improved extensibility for future versions.

The DRM 2.1 features have minimum impact on the DRM 2.0 architecture and are defined in a DRM 2.0 backward compatible manner. 

OMA Digital Rights Management V2.1.2 - Status: Approved Enabler - Release Date: 2011-05-31
Enabler Package OMA-ERP-DRM-V2_1_2-20110531-A.zip
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for DRM OMA-ERELD-DRM-V2_1_2-20110531-A.pdf
Arch Doc DRM Architecture OMA OMA-AD-DRM-V2_1-20081014-A.pdf
Req Doc DRM Requirements Document OMA-RD-DRM-V2_1-20081014-A.pdf

DRM Rights Expression Language OMA-TS-DRM_REL-V2_1_1-20110531-A.pdf
DRM Specification OMA-TS-DRM_DRM-V2_1_1-20100406-A.pdf
DRM Content Format OMA-TS-DRM_DCF-V2_1-20081014-A.pdf

ODRL-Mobile profile Language Expression XML Schema OMA-SUP-XSD_DRM_REL-V2_1-20081014-A.xsd
XML Schema - OMA-DD OMA-SUP-XSD_DRM_RELDD-V2_1-20081014-A.xsd
OMA Data Dictionary XML Schema OMA-SUP-XSD_DRM_RELODD-V2_1-20081014-A.xsd
XML Schema ROAP OMA-SUP-XSD_DRM_ROAP-V2_1-20081014-A.xsd
DTD DRM Rights Expression Language DTD OMA-SUP-DTD_DRM_REL-V2_1_2-20110531-A.dtd

OMA Digital Rights Management 2.1 - Enabler Test Specifications and Validations Plans
Test Specification Description Document Reference
ETS ETS for DRM Interoperability V2.1 OMA-ETS-DRM_INT-V2_1-20070831-C
EVP EVP for DRM V2.1 OMA-EVP-DRM-V2_1-20090213-A.pdf

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