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OMA Location in SIP/IP Core V1.0

The Location Service in SIP/IP core network (LOCSIP) provides mechanisms to expose location information to Application Servers connected to a SIP/IP core network. The location information may be utilized by the applications to enhance the services provide and thereby giving an enriched end user experience. Examples of services that may utilize location information are Presence and PoC.

LOCSIP V1.0 enables a Location Client to subscribe to location information from a Location Server. The subscription may include filters defining temporal or spatial criteria for when location information shall be delivered. The subscription may also include a list of targets either as a resource list included in the subscription or as a reference to resource list stored in Shared List XDMS.

OMA Location in SIP/IP Core  V1.0 - Status: Approved - Release Date: 2012-01-17
Enabler Package OMA-ERP-LOCSIP-V1_0-20120117-A.zip
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for Location in SIP/IP Core OMA-ERELD-LOCSIP-V1_0-20120117-A.pdf
REQ Doc Location in SIP/IP Core Requirements OMA-RD-LOCSIP-V1_0-20120117-A.pdf
ARCH Doc Location in SIP/IP Core Architecture OMA-AD-LOCSIP-V1_0-20120117-A.pdf
Specification Location in SIP/IP Core Specification OMA-TS-LOCSIP-V1_0-20120117-A.pdf
Interoperability Report  for LOCSIP 1.0 OMA-IOP_RPT-LOCSIP-V1_0-20120117-A.pdf
Location filter for LOCSIP enabler OMA-SUP-XSD_locsip_filter-V1_0-20120117-A.txt
Location QoS for LOCSIP enabler OMA-SUP-XSD_locsip_gbakeyid-V1_0-20120117-A.txt
GPM PEM1 output template for LOCSIP enabler OMA-SUP-XSD_locsip_gpmpem1outputext-V1_0-20120117-A.txt
Location QoS for LOCSIP enabler OMA-SUP-XSD_locsip_qos-V1_0-20120117-A.txt
Copy of IETF schema for geolocation policy OMA-SUP-XSD_locsip_geolocation_policy-V1_0-20120117-A.txt

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