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OMA Smartcard Web Server V1.0

This enabler release defines the interfaces to an HTTP server in a smart card (i.e. Smart Card Web Server) that is embedded in a mobile device (e.g. SIM, (U)SIM, UICC, R-UIM, CSIM).
The main interfaces cover the following aspects:

  • The URL to access the Smart Card Web Server (SCWS)
  • The transport protocol that is used to enable the communication between HTTP applications in the device and the Smart Card Web Server
  • The HTTP profile that the Smart Card Web Server needs to implement
  • A secure remote administration protocol for the Smart Card Web Server
  • User, or principal, authentication with the Smart Card Web Server and related security protocols
It is important to note that the Smart Card Web Server can be administrated only by the smart card issuer (e.g. Mobile Network Operator) or a delegated authorized entity. This clearly sets the scope of ownership and roles for the remote administration and services that are deployed via the Smart Card Web Server.

OMA Smartcard Web Server V1.0 - Status:?Approved Enabler - Release date: 2008-04-21
Enabler Package OMA-ERP-Smartcard_Web_Server-V1_0-20080421-A.zip
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for Smartcard-Web-Server OMA-ERELD-Smartcard_Web_Server-V1_0-20080421-A.pdf
Arch Doc Smartcard Web Server Enabler Architecture OMA-AD-Smartcard_Web_Server-V1_0-20080421-A.pdf
Req Doc Smartcard Web Server Requirements OMA-RD-Smartcard_Web_Server-V1_0-20080421-A.pdf
Specification Smartcard-Web-Server OMA-TS-Smartcard_Web_Server-V1_0-20080421-A.pdf

OMA Smartcard Web Server V1.0  - Enabler Test SpecificationS and Validation Plans
Test Specification Description Document Reference
ETS  ETS for SCWS V1.0 OMA-ETS-Smartcard_Web_Server-V1_0-20071106-C
ETS for SCWSP Content V1.0 OMA-ETS-Smartcard_Web_Server_CONTENT_V1_0-20071106-C
EVP NEW EVP for SCWSP V1.0 OMA-EVP-Smartcard_Web_Server-V1_0-20090213-A

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