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OMA Enabler Releases (ERP)

OMA is committed to deliver Releases with proven interoperability that fulfils the needs of the marketplace. In doing so, OMA has instituted a clear working process to develop open technical specifications that when combined, produce an Enabler Release with which differentiable and interoperable services can be created. The working process is a continuous program designed to deliver two key milestones for each Release. The OMA Release Program consists of the two phases:

  • Phase 1 (Candidate Release) - An approved set of open technical specifications forming an Enabler Release that can be implemented in products and solutions and which can be tested for interoperability.
  • Phase 2 (Approved Release) - The Enabler Release has undergone a period of public comment (minimum 30 days) and in addition completed the applicable interoperability validation
OMA Enabler Releases
List of Enablers OMA Phase 1:
Candidate Enabler Releases
OMA Phase 2:
Approved Enabler Releases
OMA Application Layer Security Common Functions  - V1.0
OMA Browsing V2.4 V2.3
OMA Browser Protocol Stack V2.1 -
OMA Categorization Based Content Screening Framework V1.0 -
OMA Charging - V1.0
OMA Client Provisioning V1.1 -
OMA Client Side Content Screening Framework -
OMA Data Synchronization - V1.2.1
OMA Device Capability Management Object V1.0 -
OMA Device Management - V1.2.1
OMA Device Management Scheduling V1.0 -
OMA Digital Rights Management V2.0.2

OMA Domain Name System - V1.0
OMA Download over the Air V2.0 V1.0
OMA Dynamic Content Delivery V1.0 -
OMA Email Notification - V1.0
OMA External Functionality Interface V1.1 -
OMA Firmware Update Management Object - V1.0.2
OMA Games Services Client Server Interface V1.0 -
OMA Instant Messaging and Presence Service - V1.3
OMA IP Multimedia Subsystem - V1.0
OMA Location in SIP/IP core  V1.0 -
OMA Lock and Wipe Management Object (LAWMO)
NEW 2009-02-10
OMA Mobile Broadcast Services V1.0 -
OMA Mobile Location Protocol V3.1 -
OMA Mobile Location Service V1.2
OMA Multimedia Messaging Service V1.3 V1.2
OMA On-Board Key Generation V1.0 -
OMA Online Certificate Status Protocol Mobile Profile - V1.0
OMA Policy Evaluation, Enforcement and Management Architecture
UPDATED 2009-02-10
V1.0 -
OMA Presence Simple V2.0 V1.1
OMA Push V2.2
OMA Push to talk over Cellular V2.0 V1.0.2
OMA Rich Media Environment V1.0 -
OMA Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Mobile Domain V1.0 -
OMA Secure Content Exchange V1.0 -
OMA Secure Removable Media V1.0 -
OMA Secure User Plane for Location V2.0 V1.0
OMA SIP Push V1.0 -
OMA Smartcard Web Server V1.1 V1.0
OMA Software Component Management Object  V1.0 -
OMA SyncML Common Specification - V1.2.1
OMA Standard Transcoding Interface - V1.0
OMA URI Schemes - V1.0
OMA User Agent Profile V1.1 V2.0.1
OMA vObject Minimum Interoperability Profile - V1.0
OMA Web Services - V1.1
OMA Web Services Network Identity - V1.0
OMA Wireless Public Key Infrastructure V1.0 -
OMA XML Document Management  V2.0 V1.1