OMA Releases
OMA is committed to deliver Releases with proven interoperability that fulfils the needs of the marketplace. In doing so, OMA has instituted a clear working process to develop open technical specifications that when combined, produce an Enabler Release with which differentiable and interoperable services can be created. The working process is a continuous program designed to deliver two key milestones for each Release. The OMA Release Program consists of the two phases:
  • forming part of or a complete Enabler Release that can be implemented in products and solutions and which can be tested for interoperability (RD, AD and ERELD documents are released as soon as they are approved, even though the full Enabler may not yet be complete), or
  • forming a Reference Release that serves an alternative purpose, e.g. as a set of rules and guidelines for developing other Releases ( again, RD, AD and ERELD documents are released as soon as they are approved).

OMA Enabler Releases
List of EnablersRelease TypeOMA Phase 1:
Candidate Release
OMA Phase 2:
Approved Release
OMA Application Layer Security Common FunctionsEnabler Release-V1.1
OMA Authorisation Framework for Network APIs
Enabler Release-V1.0
OMA Always Online Infrastructure V1.0
New 2015-02-03
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Browsing
Enabler Release-V2.4
OMA Browser Management ObjectReference Release-V1.0
OMA Browser Protocol StackEnabler Release-V2.1
OMA Categorization Based Content Screening FrameworkEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA ChargingEnabler Release-V1.1
OMA Charging DataReference Release-V1.0
OMA Client ProvisioningEnabler Release-V1.1
OMA Client Side Content Screening FrameworkEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Client Side Enabler APIReference Release-V1.0
OMA Condition Based URIs SelectionReference Release
Enabler Release
-V1.0 (RRP)
OMA Content Management InterfaceEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Converged Address BookEnabler ReleaseV1.1V1.0
OMA Converged IP Messaging
Enabler ReleaseV2.0-
OMA Converged Personal Network ServiceEnabler ReleaseV1.1V1.0.1
OMA Customized Multimedia RingingEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Device Apps Network Efficiency (DANE)
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Data ObjectsReference Release-V1.0
OMA Data SynchronizationEnabler Release-V2.0
OMA Delta Record Management ObjectEnabler Release- V1.0
OMA Device Capability Management ObjectEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Device Management
Updated 2015-01-22
Enabler ReleaseV2.0
Device Management Client Side API frameworkEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Device Management Connectivity Management Objects (ConnMO)Reference Release-V1.0
OMA Device Management SchedulingEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Device Management Smart CardEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Device Profile EvolutionEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Diagnostics and MonitoringEnabler Release-V1.2
OMA Digital Rights ManagementEnabler ReleaseV2.2V2.0.2

OMA DiagMon VoLTE Function
Reference ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Domain Name SystemEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Download over the AirEnabler Release-V2.0

OMA Dynamic Content DeliveryEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Dynamic Navigation
Enabler Releasev1.1v1.0
OMA Email NotificationEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Enhanced Visual Voice MailEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA External Functionality InterfaceEnabler Release-V1.1
OMA Firmware Update Management ObjectEnabler Release-V1.0.4
OMA HTML5 Deployment Suite
New 2015-02-03
Enabler Test SpecificationV1.0
OMA Games Services APIReference Release-V1.0
OMA Games Services Client Server InterfaceEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA DM Gateway Management Object (GwMO)
Enabler ReleaseV1.1V1.0
OMA General Service Subscription ManagementEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Global Service ArchitectureReference Release-V1.1

OMA Global Permissions ManagementEnabler Release-V1.0
Generic Open Terminal API Framework
New 2015-02-10
Enabler ReleaseV1.0
OMA Immersive Social Centre (ISC)
Enabler ReleaseV1.0
OMA Instant Messaging and Presence ServiceEnabler Release-V1.3
OMA IMPS V1.3 Implementation GuidelinesReference Release-V1.0
OMA Identity Management FrameworkRequirements DocumentV1.0-
OMA In-Game CommunicationsRequirements DocumentV1.0-
OMA In-Game AdvertisingReference Release-V1.0
OMA IP Multimedia SubsystemEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Key Performance Indicators in OMAEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA DM List of supported Management Object (ListMO)Enabler Release-V1.0
New 2015-02-17
Reference ReleaseV1.0-
New 2015-02-17
Reference ReleaseV1.0-
OMA LWM2M Object Device Capability Management
Reference ReleaseV1.0
OMA LWM2M Object Connectivity Management
Reference ReleaseV1.0
OMA LightweightM2M (LWM2M)
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Lock And Wipe Management Object (LAWMO)Enabler Release-V1.0
OMA Location Enabler ReleaseRequirements DocumentV1.0-
OMA Location in SIP/IP coreEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Look and Feel CustomizationEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA LPP Extensions (LPPe)
Enabler ReleaseV2.0
OMA M2M Device ClassificationReference Release-V1.0
OMA Management Interface for M2M
Reference ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Maintenance of Requirements for Privacy for Mobile ServicesReference Release-V1.0
OMA Management Object Design GuidelinesReference Release-V1.0
OMA Management Policy MO
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Messaging Services InterworkingReference Release-V1.0
OMA Mobile AdvertisingEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Mobile Broadcast ServicesEnabler ReleaseV1.2
OMA Mobile Augmented Reality (MobAr)Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Mobile CodesEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Mobile Domain SMILReference Release-V1.0
OMA Mobile EmailEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Mobile Gaming EvolutionReference Release-V1.0
OMA Mobile Location ProtocolEnabler Release-V3.1
OMA Mobile Location ServiceEnabler ReleaseV1.3V1.2
OMA Mobile Search FrameworkEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Mobile Spam ReportingEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Multimodal and Multi-deviceReference Release-V1.0
OMA Multimedia Messaging ServiceEnabler Release-V1.3
OMA Next Generation Services InterfaceEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Next Generation Services Interface- SOAP (NGSI-S)Enabler Release-V1.0
OMA On-Board Key GenerationEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA OneAPI Profile of the Parlay X SOAP Web ServicesReference Release-V1.0
OMA Online Certificate Status Protocol Mobile ProfileEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Open Connection Manager API (OpenCMAPI)
New 2015-02-17
Enabler ReleaseV1.1
OMA Parlay/OSA in OSE (PIOSE)Reference Release-V1.0
OMA Parlay Service Access (PSA)Reference Release-V1.0
OMA Policy Evaluation, Enforcement and Management ArchitectureEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Presence SIMPLEEnabler Release-V2.0
OMA Presence SIMPLE Data ExtensionsReference Release-V1.3
OMA Presence Access LayerEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Provisioning Objects - Device Management Application Characteristics Management Object (AC_MO)Reference Release-V1.0.1
OMA Push to Communicate for Public Safety
New 2015-02-20
Enabler ReleaseV1.0
OMA PushEnabler Release-V2.3
OMA Push to talk over CellularEnabler Release-V2.0
OMA RCS1.2 Deployment Suite
Enabler Test SpecificationV1.0-
OMA RCS Profile of RESTful Network APIs
New 2015-02-03
Enabler ReleaseV2.0

OMA RCS-e Profile of RESTful Network APIsEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Bindings for Parlay X Web ServicesEnabler Release-V2.0
OMA RESTful Network API for Address BookEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Anonymous Customer Reference Management
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Audio CallEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Call NotificationEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API Capability DiscoveryEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API ChatEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API CommonReference ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Converged Address BookEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA RESTful Network API for Customer ProfileEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Device CapabilitiesEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA RESTful Network API File TransferEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Image Share Enabler Releasev1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for MessagingEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Guidelines for RESTful Network Reference Release-V1.0.1
OMA RESTful Network API for Network Message Storage

Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Notification ChannelEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for OMA PushEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA OneAPI Profile of RESTful Network APIsEnabler ReleaseV4.0V3.0
OMA RESTful Network API for PaymentEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA RESTful Network API for Quality of Service
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for PresenceEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Roaming
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Short MessagingEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Terminal LocationEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA RESTful Network API for Terminal StatusEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Third Party CallEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for Video ShareEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA RESTful Network API for WebRTC Signaling
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Rich Communication Centre (RCC)
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Rich Media EnvironmentEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Rights Issuer Common DomainReference Release-V1.0
OMA SOAP Network API Roaming Provisioning;
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Mobile DomainEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Secure Content ExchangeEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Secure Content Identification MechanismEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Secure Removable MediaEnabler Release-V1.1
OMA Secure User Plane Location
Enabler ReleaseV3.0
OMA SUPL Configuration ServicesReference Release-V1.0
OMA Service EnvironmentReference Release-V1.0
OMA Service Provider Environment (OSPE)Requirements DocumentV1.0-
Reference Release-V1.0
OMA Service User Profile ManagementEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Simplified Converged Address Book (S-CAB)Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
Enabler ReleaseV2.0V1.0
OMA SIP PushEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Small Cells Capabilities ExposureEnabler ReleaseV1.0V1.0 RRP
OMA Smartcard Web ServerEnabler Release-V1.2
OMA Social Network WebEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Software Component Management ObjectEnabler Release-V1.1
OMA Software and Application Control Management Object
Enabler Release-V1.0
OMA SyncML Common SpecificationEnabler Release-V1.2.2
OMA SyncML PrimerReference Release-V1.0
OMA Standard Transcoding InterfaceEnabler ReleaseV1.0
OMA RRP Template NetAPI
New 2015-01-27
Reference ReleaseV1.0
OMA Telecom Application Store (TAS)Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
Unified Cloud Disk
Enabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Unified Virtual ExperienceEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA URI SchemesEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA User Agent ProfileEnabler Release-V2.0.1
OMA UAProf Best Practices GuideReference Release-V1.0
OMA VirtualisationEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA vObject Minimum Interoperability ProfileEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA WAP Proxy-based RedirectEnabler ReleaseV1.0-
OMA Web Runtime API (WRAPI)
Enabler ReleaseV1.0
OMA Web ServicesEnabler Release-V1.1
OMA Web Services Network IdentityEnabler Release-V1.0
OMA Wireless Public Key InfrastructureEnabler ReleaseV1.0-