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Material from Affiliates - Wireless Application Protocol

WAP Forum Releases

This page lists the latest WAP Forum conformance release, along with the specifications which are in anApprovedstate, but not yet included in a release. For more information about older releases,see below.

The WAP 2.0 conformance release

All specifications belonging to the WAP 2.0 release are listed below per functional area.

An archive of all technical specifications is available here:Technical_WAP2_0_20021106[8.8 MB]

The WAP 2.0 release is best viewed usingAdobe Acrobat® Readerversion 4.05 or higher.

Changes to this release will normally be in the form of Specification Information Notes (SINs). SIN represents an Approved change against a previously published approved WAP Specification. SINs are used to fix bugs or otherwise revise an existing Specification in the Approved status. A SIN applies to a specific version of a Specification.

WAP 2.0 Specifications
Functional area Specification
Architecture Wireless Application Protocol Architecture Specification WAP-210-WAPArch-20010712-a
Client ID WAP Client ID Specification WAP-196-ClientID-20010409-a

Client Provisioning

Provisioning architecture overview WAP-182-ProvArch-20010314-a
Provisioning Content Type Specification WAP-183-ProvCont-20010724-a
Provisioning Content Type SIN 003 WAP-183_003-ProvCont-20010912-a
Provisioning Content Type SIN 004 WAP-183_004-ProvCont-20011025-a
Provisioning Content Type SIN 005 WAP-183_005-ProvCont-20020411-a
Provisioning Bootstrap Specification WAP-184-ProvBoot-20010314-a
Provisioning Bootstrap SIN WAP-184_001-ProvBoot-20011010-a
Provisioning User Agent Behavior WAP-185-ProvUAB-20010314-a
Smart Card Provisioning Specification WAP-186-ProvSC-20010710-a
External Functional Interface (EFI) External Functional Interfaces Specification WAP-231-EFI-20011217-a
General formats General formats Specification WAP-188-WAPGenFormats-20010710-a
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Multimedia Messaging Service
Architecture Overview
Multimedia Messaging Service
Client Transaction Specification
Multimedia Messaging Service
Client Transaction SIN 101
Multimedia Messaging Service
Encapsulation Specification
Persistence Persistent Storage Specification WAP-227-PSTOR-20011220-a

Please note that OMA have published a more recent version of Pictogram as part of the Browsing 2.2 Enabler which is available from the OMA RELEASE PROGRAMME pages

WAP Pictogram Specification OMA-WAP- TS - Pictogram -V1_1- 20050608-D
WAP Pictogram Specification WAP-21s3-WAPInterPic-20010406-a
WAP Pictogram SIN WAP-213_101-WAPInterPic-20011123-a
WAP Pictogram SIN WAP-213_102-WAPInterPic-20011128-a
Push Push Architectural Overview WAP-250-PushArchOverview-20010703-a
Push OTA Protocol Specification WAP-235-PushOTA-20010425-a
Push OTA Protocol SIN WAP-235_100-PushOTA-20011008-a
Push OTA Protocol SIN WAP-235_101-PushOTA-20020612-a
Push Access Protocol Specification WAP-247-PAP-20010429-a
Push Access Protocol SIN WAP-247_100-PAP-20011010-a
Push Proxy Gateway Service Specification WAP-249-PPGService-20010713-a
Push Proxy Gateway Service SIN WAP-249_102-PPGService-20011009-a
Push Message Specification WAP-251-PushMessage-20010322-a
WAP Service Indication Specification WAP-167-ServiceInd-20010731-a
WAP Service Indication SIN WAP-167_103-ServiceInd-20010926-a
WAP Service Loading Specification WAP-168-ServiceLoad-20010731-a
WAP Service Loading SIN WAP-168_103-ServiceLoad-20010816-a
WAP Cache Operation Specification WAP-175-CacheOp-20010731-a
WAP Cache Operation SIN WAP-175_102-CacheOp-20010816-a
Synchronisation WAP Synchronisation Specification WAP-234-SYNC-20010530-a
User Agent Profile (UAProf) User Agent Profiling Specification WAP-248-UAProf-20011020-a
Wireless Application Environment Wireless Application Environment Specification WAP-236-WAESpec-20020207-a
WAP Media Types Specification WAP-237-WAEMT-20010515-a
XHTML Mobile Profile Specification WAP-277-XHTMLMP-20011029-a
Wireless Markup Language version 2 Specification WAP-238-WML-20010911-a
Wireless Markup Language version 1.3 Specification WAP-191-WML-20000219-a
Wireless Markup Language version 1.3 SIN WAP-191_102-WML-20001213-a
Wireless Markup Language version 1.3 SIN WAP-191_104-WML-20010718-a
Wireless Markup Language version 1.3 SIN WAP-191_105-WML-20020212-a
WML Transformations Specification WAP-244-WMLTR-20011106-a
Binary XML Content Format Specification WAP-192-WBXML-20010725-a
Binary XML Content Format SIN 105 WAP-192_105-WBXML-20011015-a
Wireless profile Cascading Style Sheet Specification WAP-239-WCSS-20011026-a
Wireless profile Cascading Style Sheet SIN WAP-239_101-WCSS-20020430-a
WAP Caching Model Specification WAP-120-WAPCachingMod-20000413-a
WMLScript Language Specification WAP-193-WMLScript-20001025-a
WMLScript Language SIN WAP-193_101-WMLScript-20010928-a
WMLScript Standard Libraries Specification WAP-194-WMLScriptLibraries-20000925-a
WMLScript Standard Libraries Specification WAP-194_103-WMLScriptLibraries-20020318-a
HTTP State Management Specification WAP-223-HTTPSM-20001213-a
HTTP State Management SIN WAP-223_101-HTTPSM-20010928-a
Wireless Protocols Wireless profiled TCP Specification WAP-225-TCP-20010331-a
Wireless profiled HTTP Specification WAP-229-HTTP-20010329-a
Wireless profiled HTTP SIN 001 WAP-229_001-HTTP-20011031-a
WDP/WCMP Wireless Data Gateway Adaptation Specification WAP-159-WDPWCMPAdapt-20010713-a
Wireless Datagram Protocol Specification WAP-259-WDP-20010614-a
Wireless Control Message Protocol Specification WAP-202-WCMP-20010624-a
WAP over GSM USSD Specification WAP-204-WAPOverGSMUSSD-20010730-a
WAP over GSM USSD Specification WAP-204_103-WAPOverGSMUSSD-20010813-a
Wireless Transaction Protocol Specification WAP-224-WTP-20010710-a
Wireless Transaction Protocol Specification WAP-224_002-WTP-20020827-a
Wireless Session Protocol Specification WAP-230-WSP-20010705-a
End-to-end Transport Layer Security Specification WAP-187-TransportE2ESec-20010628-a
End-to-end Transport Layer Security SIN 101 WAP-187_101-TransportE2ESec-20011009-a
Wireless Security WMLScript Crypto API Library Specification WAP-161-WMLScriptCrypto-20010620-a
WMLScript Crypto API SIN 101 WAP-161_101-WMLScriptCrypto-20010730-a
Wireless Identity Module Specification WAP-260-WIM-20010712-a
Wireless Identity Module Specification WAP-260_100-WIM-20010725-a
Wireless Identity Module Specification WAP-260_101-WIM-20020107-a
Wireless Transport Layer Security Specification WAP-261-WTLS-20010406-a
Wireless Transport Layer Security SIN 100 WAP-261_100-WTLS-20010926-a
Wireless Transport Layer Security SIN 101 WAP-261_101-WTLS-20011027-a
Wireless Transport Layer Security SIN 102 WAP-261_102-WTLS-20011027-a
WAP Certificate profile Specification WAP-211-WAPCert-20010522-a
WAP Certificate profile SIN 104 WAP-211_104-WAPCert-20010928-a
WAP Certificate profile SIN 105 WAP-211_105-WAPCert-20020520-a
WAP Public Key Infrastructure Specification WAP-217-WPKI-20010424-a
WAP Public Key Infrastructure SIN 103 WAP-217_103-WPKI-20011102-a
WAP Public Key Infrastructure SIN 105 WAP-217_105-WPKI-20020816-a
WAP TLS Profile and Tunneling Specification WAP-219-TLS-20010411-a
WAP TLS Profile and Tunneling SIN 100 WAP-219_100-TLS-20011029-a
Wireless Telephony Application (WTA) Wireless Telephony Application Specification WAP-266-WTA-20010908-a
Wireless Telephony Application Interface Specification WAP-268-WTAI-20010908-a
WTAI, GSM Specific Addendum WAP-255-WTAIGSM-20010908-a
WTAI, IS-136 Specific Addendum WAP-269-WTAIIS136-20010908-a
WTAI, PDC Specific Addendum WAP-270-WTAIPDC-20010908-a
WTAI, IS95 Specific Addendum WAP-228-WTAIIS95-20010908-a
Recent changes to the release
Date Change Specification
2002-11-06 One SIN added to the release WAP-224_002-WTP-20020827-a
2002-10-29 New SINs have been added to the release WAP-260_100-WIM-20010725-a
2002-09-16 The SIN has been added to the release WAP-239_101-WCSS-20020430-a
2002-09-12 Note that a new version of a UAProf speciciation published September 9 have been revoked, due to procedural issues. The current version published on this page is the one that should be used WAP-248-UAProf-20011020-a
2002-08-13 The Class Conformance Requirements (CCR) for WAP 2.0 is available WAP-262-ClassConform-20020517-a
The following SINs have been added to the release WAP-191_105-WML-20020212-a
2002-07-18 The previously published zip file with all specifications and SINs belonging to WAP 2.0 was faulty and has been replaced
2002-06-10 The DTD for XHTMLMP 1.0 contained a bug in the xhtml-mobile10-model-1.mod file. This has been corrected and the corresponding zip file has also been updated. zip file
2002-06-04 New SINs added to the release WAP-183_005-ProvCont-20020411-a
New baseline document created, incorporating SINs written against it WAP-236-WAESpec-20020207-a
2002-03-22 Two SINs added to the release WAP-261_101-WTLS-20011027-a
2002-02-11 The following specification has been updated to incorporate SINs written against it WAP-206-MMSCTR-20020115-a
2002-01-22 Two additional SINs added to the release WAP-213_101-WAPInterPic-20011123-a
2002-01-21 The WAP-238-WML-20010911-a was not generated correctly and has been replaced with a new, readable version WAP-238-WML-20010911-a
2002-01-18 The WAP 2.0 release has been completed (all specification have been approved). New versions available of the following specifications WAP-236-WAESpec-20011109-a
The WML 1.3 specification has also been added along with the corresponding SINs WAP-191-WML-20000219-a
Also, the following specifications have been updated to incorporate all of the SINs written against them WAP-209-MMSEncapsulation-20020105-a
2001-12-07 The following SINs have been added to the release WAP-183_004-ProvCont-20011025-a
The UAProf specification has been approved as a part of WAP 2.0, including SINs 100, 101 and 102, WAP-248-UAProf-20011020-a
2001-11-06 The following SINs have been added to the release WAP-167_103-ServiceInd-20010926-a
2001-10-10 The following SINs have been added to the release WAP-161_101-WMLScriptCrypto-20010730-a
2001-09-28 The push architecture overview has been approved as a WAP 2.0 specification and the approved version of the document has been made available at the site WAP-250-PushArchOverview-20010703-a
A SIN for the GSM over USSD specification has been added WAP-204_103-WAPOverGSMUSSD-20010813-a
2001-09-13 The DTD for client provisioning has been corrected,see Provisioning DTD
2001-08-17 The persistent storage specification has been approved as a WAP 2.0 specification and the approved version of the document has been made available at the site WAP-227-PSTOR-20010530-a

DTDs associated with WAP 2.0

A Document Type Definition (DTD) is a formal description in XML declaration syntax of a particular type of document. It sets out what names are to be used for the different types of element, where they may occur, and how they all fit together. The following DTDs are associated with WAP 2.0

DTDs associated with WAP 2.0
Channel 1.2 DTD http://www.wapforum.org/DTD/channel12.dtd
XHTMLMP 1.0 DTDs available as a zip file or :
WML 2.0 DTDs available as a zip file or:
WAP Push DTDs http://www.wapforum.org/DTD/pap_2.0.dtd
WAP Client Provisioning DTD http://www.wapforum.org/DTD/prov.dtd
WTA DTD http://www.wapforum.org/DTD/wta-wml12.dtd
(it is recommended to use the WML2 DTD for WTA in this release)

XSLT transformation sheets associated with WAP 2.0

As a part of WAP 2.0, an XSLT transformation sheet has been defined to convert WML1.3 to WML2.0. Transformation is needed to support backwards compatibility in the case that an implementation of WAP 2.0 relies on a common WML2.0 user agent rather than a dual-browser with a WML1.3 user agent and an XHTML Basic Profile user agent. The following XSLT transformation sheet is associated with WAP 2.0http://www.wapforum.org/xslt/wap-244-wmltr.xsl

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WAP 2.0 Certification documents

WAP-262, WAP 2.0 Class Conformance RequirementsWAP-262-ClassConform-20020517-a

Related WINA information

SeeOMNA page.

General certification documents

The following documents are applicable for all WAP Forum conformance releases after WAP 1.1.

WAP-273, WAP conformance process and certification policy:WAP-273-CertPolicy-200010831-a
WAP-221, Specification of WAP Conformance Requirements:WAP-221-CREQ-20010425-a

Other Approved Specifications

The following specifications have been approved by the WAP Forum, but have not yet been included in a conformance release. These specifications will be rolled into the next conformance release. All are PDF files

WAP-256, WAP Location Framework Overview Specification WAP-256-LOCFW-200010912-a
WAP-257, WAP Location Protocols Specification WAP-257-LOCPROT-200010912-a
WAP-258, WAP Location XML Document Formats Specification WAP-258-LOCFW-200010912-a
WAP-263, WAP External Functional Interface Class Definition Process WAP-263-EFICDP-20011101-a
WAP-267, WAP External Functional Interface Manage Application Class WAP-267-EFIMAC-20011101-a

Informal notes

This section lists the WAP Forum(tm)Informal Notes. An Informal Note document represented the output of an officially chartered WAP Forum(tm)working group.

Informal Notes had no official WAP Forum(tm)status, and are not ratified or endorsed by the Open Mobile Alliance. Informal Notes were intended as a means by which a Working Group can publish information that may be of interest to the public, but which were not appropriate for the formal Specification process of the WAP Forum.(tm)

WAP 218 - Wireless Application Protocol - Best Practices and Recommentations for authoring WML content in a generic fashion


Prior releases of the WAP Specification Suite can be found here:

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