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2007 Volume 2

After great response to the first OMA public newsletter in September, the OMA continues to publish a regular newsletter with updates on the ongoing work of the organization. This is the second issue, featuring some in depth information on some of the recently published OMA Enablers. It also contains a comprehensive list of all the Enablers approved by the OMA Board of Directors since the publication of the last newsletter.

OMA will continue to evolve the format and content to meet industry demand, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please submit your feedback to Director of Communications of OMA Staff.

Intended for distribution to OMA members, external organizations that hold formal relationships with OMA, as well as OMA's contacts in the media and analyst community, this is a public newsletter. So, please pass it along to anyone you believe to be interested. The next issue will be a complete wrap up of 2007, to be published in January 2008.

*Please also indicate to the Director of Communications of OMA Staff if you wish NOT to receive this newsletter in future.


Smart Card Web Server (SCWS) V1.0 Released as Candidate

Patrice Beaudou
Chair, OMA Security Working Group Sub-Group for Smart Card Technology
Technology Marketing Manager, Standardization & Technology, Gemalto

The Smart Card Web Server (SCWS) V1.0 was revised from its March release.

SCWS is a Web server running in the SIM card ((U)SIM, R-UIM, CSIM) that implements a network operator's services and is portable across handsets. It provides static and dynamic web pages and allows transactions between the card and an HTTP based application running in the handset for example a Web browser. Using the SCWS, an operator's SIM applications, such as a Toolkit application, can benefit from the look and feel and multimedia capabilities of a browser. It also enables the deployment of secure services with standard Web technology by leveraging inherent smart card security features.

In terms of user benefits, the Web browser is easily accessible from any phone's user interface, and the SCWS is accessible at all times including out-of-coverage scenarios. The SCWS Enabler also defines a protocol based on http(s) to remotely administer the smart card Web pages and content. The benefit to the end user will be that they gain the advantage of a well customized and up-to date web server on their smart card.

Since its beginning as March 2007 Candidate Enabler publication, the SCWS 1.0 Enabler is well on tracks. The September prototype TestFest-20's results are quite good since no issue on the core specifications and on the test specifications have been found. A second TestFest session took place in November in Bled, Slovenia. The final objective is a SCWS 1.0 Approved Enabler approval by the Technical Plenary meeting following a successful formal TestFest.

Events Calendar
OMA regularly contributes to industry events, trade shows and technical gatherings. Copies of recent presentations are available on the OMA Web site at

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Upcoming Industry events

  • Mobile Device Management, San Francisco, USA 23-24 January
  • Next Generation Mobile Messaging Forum, Amsterdam, Netherlands 9-11 April

Remaining 2007 OMA TestFests

The last OMA TestFest of 2007 took place from 9-16 November in Bled, Slovenia. Details are below.

2008 OMA TestFests

TestFest team completes three successful TestFest events

The OMA TestFest team had their work cut out in September, when they had to arrange two TestFests within a month! A full TestFest was followed just a fortnight later by a Mobile Broadcast (BCAST) only event. Both were held within the Vodafone Multi-Vendor Test Center in Düsseldorf, Germany.

TestFest-20 had 75 engineers from 12 different countries registered and the following enablers were tested - Device Management (DM) v1.2, Firmware Update Management Object (FUMO) v1.0, Instant Messaging and Presence Service (IMPS) v1.3, SmartCard Web Server (SCWS) v1.0, Digital Rights Management (DRM) v2.0 & v2.1. TestFest-20.5 was a Mobile Broadcast (BCAST) v1.0 only event and had 66 engineers from 10 different countries. This is the largest number of engineers testing a single OMA Enabler at any one event since the start of the OMA IOP Testing Program.

In November, our last TestFest in 2007, was held in the town of Bled, Slovenia. The OMA TestFest team worked with a local test lab, Sintesio, and the Slovenian Operator, Mobitel, to hold an event for 68 Engineers. Enablers tested at the event were Mobile Broadcast (BCAST) v1.0, Presence-SIMPLE (PRS) v1.0, SmartCard Web Server (SCWS) v1.0, and Secure User Plane for Location (SUPL) v1.0.

It was a challenging time for the TestFest team, but they rose to the challenge admirably' quoted Howard Greenwell, Director of Technical Programs.

Redesigned OMA TestFest Web Pages

The OMA TestFest pages within the OMA IOP Portal have been re-designed to navigation and locate information. 'Hopefully the new layout will make it easier to find the documentation required to ensure you know the right specifications of each enabler for the next TestFest' said Joaquin Prado, OMA TestFest Manager.

For a complete description of OMA's testing and interoperability programs, please visit

Current OMA Work Program

To date, OMA has published 39 Enabler Releases. The OMA continuously operates an interoperability program to validate Enabler specifications, as well as the implementations of member products and services. Using a clear working process, the Enabler Release Program is designed to deliver two key milestones for each enabler:

An OMA Candidate Enabler Release (CER) delivers an approved set of open technical specifications that can be implemented in products and solutions, and then tested for interoperability. Upon publication as a Candidate, specifications then enter the OMA Interoperability Testing Program where they will eventually reach Approved Enabler Release status.

An Approved Enabler Release(AER) represents Candidate Enabler Releases that have gone through the Interoperability Program (IOP) of OMA. The IOP tests interoperability between different member company's implementations - either within the OMA or through other means.

Work items approved by OMA Board of Directors in September, October and November 2007.

These are listed by Work Item Document (WID).

*For a full list of OMA Working Groups and links to current work items in the OMA Work Program, please visit

New OMA Candidate Enabler Releases approved by OMA Board of Directors since August 2007

New OMA Approved Enabler Releases approved by OMA Board of Directors since August 2007

New Members

The OMA is proud to welcome the following new members who have joined recently. We look forward to their participation!

New Members
Company Membership Level Company URL
Beijing SHIBO DTV Technology Co., Ltd. Associate
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. Associate
Skyhook Wireless, Inc. Associate
Veloxsoft, Inc. Associate
Vidiator Associate
weComm Limited Associate
Axel Technologies Oy Supporter
Critical Software, SA Supporter
NETS Supporter
NTT Multimedia Communications Laboratories, Inc. Supporter
Rx Networks Supporter
Welgate Corp. Supporter

OMA Membership description

The nearly 400 members of the OMA facilitate global user adoption of mobile data services by specifying market driven mobile service enablers. These members represent the end-to-end value chain of mobile products and services around the world. Device manufacturers, mobile operators, IT companies and content providers are all participating members of the OMA.

A full list of benefits of OMA membership along with information on how to join can be found at