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OMA Push V2.2

This enabler release continues on the work of the OMA in the area of Push and is an extension of the Push 2.1 Enabler release [Push2.1], defining push security mechanisms and OTA-SIP as a new Push-OTA protocol variant. An aspect of the defined push security mechanisms depend on device management object extension defined in [PushOTA] which depends on the OMA Device Management Enabler [ERELDDM].

In addition this enabler release definition defines a minimum level of conformance for segmentation and re-assembly for SMS based Push, as well as push initiator guidelines on the most efficient way to use this form of push delivery mechanism.

OMA Push V2.2 - Status: Approved Enabler - Release date: 2011-08-09
Enabler Package OMA-ERP-Push-V2_2-20110809-A.zip
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for Push OMA-ERELD-Push-V2_2-20110809-A.pdf
Arch Doc Push Architecture OMA-AD-Push-V2_2-20110809-A.pdf
Req Doc Push Security Requirements OMA-RD-PushSecurity-V1_0-20110809-A.pdf
Specifications OMA Push Management Object Specification OMA-TS-Push_MO-V1_0-20110809-A.pdf
Push Proxy Gateway Service OMA-TS-PPGService-V2_2-20110809-A.pdf
Push Application Protocol OMA-TS-PAP-V2_2-20110809-A.pdf
Push Over the Air OMA-TS-PushOTA-V2_2-20110809-A.pdf
Push Message Specification OMA-TS-Push_Message-V2_2-20110809-A.pdf
Push Application Interface OMA-TS-PushCAI-V1_0-20110809-A.pdf
Push Service Indication WAP-167-ServiceInd-20010731-a.pdf
Push Service Indication Specification Information Note WAP-167_103-ServiceInd-20010926-a.pdf
Push Service Load WAP-168-ServiceLoad-20010731-a.pdf
Push Service Load Specification Information Note WAP-168_103-ServiceLoad-20010816-a.pdf
Push Cache Operation WAP-175-CacheOp-20010731-a.pdf
Push Cache Operation Specification Information Note WAP-175_102-CacheOp-20010816-a.pdf
DTDs Cache Operation DTD OMA-SUP-DTD_co-V1_0-20110405-A.dtd
Push Access Protocol OMA-SUP-DTD_pap-V2_2-20110809-A.txt
Service Indication DTD OMA-SUP-DTD_si-V1_0-20110405-A.dtd
Service Load DTD OMA-SUP-DTD_sl-V1_0-20110405-A.dtd
PUSH MO Device Description Framework OMA-SUP-MO_Push_DDF-V1_0-20110809-A.txt

OMA PUSH V2.2 - Enabler Test Specifications and Validation Plans
Test Specification Description Document Reference
ETS ETS for PUSH V2.2 OMA-ETS-Push-V2_2-20100727-C.pdf
EVP EVP for PUSH V2.2 OMA-EVP-Push-V2_2-20100727-C.pdf

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