OMA Generic Open Terminal API Framework (GotAPI) Overview

The Generic Open Terminal API Framework (GotAPI) specification defines a variety of API exposure patterns for use in development of OMA enablers, and the functions required by API servers that support those exposure patterns. APIs designed per these patterns are intended to be “web-based” (i.e. accessed via the use of web technologies) and exposed to apps running in the following contexts:

The web-based methods defined by GotAPI are intended to offer a flexible set of options for OMA enablers to expose their services to apps via web-based APIs. Such APIs are primarily intended to be exposed to apps running in the device hosting the OMA enabler client, but in principle could also be exposed to apps in other devices that are networked with the OMA enabler client host device.

The exposure of OMA enabler-based services via such web-based APIs is intended to broaden the reach of OMA enabler deployments, by making it possible for web apps to access them, without explicit UA support of APIs specifically designed per the requirements of OMA enablers.

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