OMA LightweightM2M Overview

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LightweightM2M is a fast deployable client-server specification that provides a machine to machine service.

LightweightM2M is principally a device management protocol that has been designed to be extensible to meet application requirements. LightweightM2M is not restricted to device management, it can be used to transfer service / application data.

LightweightM2M defines the interface between M2M device and M2M Server. It enables the M2M Service Provider to deploy a M2M system to provide service to the M2M user.

Release Directories Naming Convention

The naming convention for the release directories is:
Version - Year Month Day - Release Status
e.g V1_0-20161215-C

The ETS directory contains interoperability and/or conformance test cases.

The EVP directory contains documents describing the validation criteria for approving the related enabler. These documents have been discontinued and the relevant sections have been added to the ETS appendix.

It is recommended that the latest suitable release be selected unless an earlier release is specifically required.

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Documents for download