OMA Presence SIMPLE Overview

The Presence SIMPLE enabler is a service that manages the collection and controlled dissemination of presence information.

The Presence Specification defined a presence service framework as consisting of the following functional entities:

A Presentity may utilize the Presence XDMS [PRS_XDM] to define apresence authorization policy that affects the Watcher's view of the Presentity's presence information. The Presence Server receives the policy from the Presence XDMS and enforces it upon subscriptions received from Watchers.

A Watcher may utilize the RLS XDMS [PRS_RLSXDM] to define lists of Presentities, which provide the Watcher with an efficient method to subscribe for presence information.

OMA Presence SIMPLE V1.0.1 has been made Historic; its documents have been made obsolete. OMA no longer intends to maintain this release.

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